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Whole Body Health - Facebook Live Videos For You!

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog page. I am passionate about sharing whatever I learn on Whole Body Health and have made Weekly Facebook Live Videos for you to enjoy. Please check them out here:

Here, you can meet my family, see the reality of a full life with three kids and how we manage to prioritise health more often than not.

Health Topic Requests?

Just get in touch and let me know if you would like to see any live videos on health topics that matter to you.

Recent topics I've filmed on Facebook Live include:

* Gut - Brain Axis, how does this actually work?

* Probiotics - which ones, how to choose and why?

* Period Care - deal breaker choices the week before

* Music for health, especially in the morning with kids!

* Kids and Medicine, meet my tribe and their health routine

* Healthy Breakfast Strategy with kids before school

* Anxiety ( 4 Part Series)

* Insomnia Circuit Breaking (4 Part Series)

Here's to sustainable Whole Body Health for you and those you love.

X Tash

If you would like me

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