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TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials
Patty Kikos two.png

Natasha is a beautiful blue eyed encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to health and wellness. Not only is her attention to detail thorough, she also matches her cerebral knowledge with a caring and generous attitude. Her realistic approach to care means that she’ll prescribe something that can easily be actioned by you. Natasha is passionate about all aspects of her clients well being and I’m so grateful for the care I’ve received. I highly recommend being treated by her.

Patty Kikos

Matt Field testimonials pic.jpg

In 2017, I had a goal to get my energy levels back! I tried numerous techniques and supplements, however, I spent most of the day tired and lethargic. I had a series of consults with Natasha and was experiencing loads of energy within weeks. I was no longer reaching for high-sugar content foods, no longer had huge afternoon slumps, and was stoked to become the high-energy Dad that I wanted to be for my kids. So incredibly grateful for Natasha's wisdom, kindness and care. My wife and work colleagues also noticed a big difference! Thank You.

Matt Field

Victoria Ugarte Testimonial Two.jpg

Natasha has taught me so much about holistic health, including taking responsibility for my own well being. This has changed my health management from reactive to proactive and has made all the difference in the world. Thank you, Natasha!

Victoria Ugarte

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