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Working Together

 Gut Health


Allergies & Food Intolerances

Sustainable Weight Loss

Anxiety, Depression, Addiction

Fatigue & Stress

Hormones (Male & Female)


 Immune System

Cardiovascular Health

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Initial $180 - 75 min

The beginning of your Whole Body Health Journey!

We look at your health history, nutrition habits, current medications/supplements, gut health symptoms and more!

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Follow Ups $120 - 60 min

Your Whole Body Health Plan is provided, with your goals both big and small. Here we start to see the forest for the trees...

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Touching Base  $85 - 30 min

Quick check in as you're on your way, here whenever you need.


Acute Support  $25 -  5 -10 min

Acute short term herbal or supplement

prescriptions for when you need

support ASAP

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ATMS Member

Private Health Fund Rebates - Updated

I am proud to be registered with ATMS, Australia's oldest association for complementary health professionals.  

Unfortunately, due to a flawed and prejudiced review of research (excluding international studies), private health fund rebates for Naturopathy ceased in March 2019. There are strong political movements in appealing this as we speak and a strong submission for appeal is being reviewed. 

As an ATMS member, I must remain up to date with our ongoing professional training and be fully informed on recent developments in the health and safety of nutrition and herbal medicine.



Natasha has a 24 hour cancellation policy for non-emergencies. To reschedule, please get in touch at least one day in advance, or a 100% cancellation fee will be payable before making your next booking. Time is precious!