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Vitality Can Be Normal

We are anxious, stressed, depressed, burnt out, with unhappy guts and confused hormones!

You know something is out of balance, but not sure exactly what or how to get it back.

WHY is this happening to so many of us?


We Have Forgotten...

  • To rest without feeling guilt

  • To slow down during our periods

  • To eat whole food from quality soil

  • To feed our gut microbiome

  • To listen to our body cues

  • To leave work at the door

  • To be part of a community 

As a fully qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist, let me help you return to Whole Body Health.

Your Gut Microbiome health will be a key focus, with GI-MAP Testing  when required.

Together, we will create a Whole Body Health Plan tailored to YOUR life. 

Ready when you are,

X Tash 


Whole Body Health



Vitality & Resilience Through Food

Green Plant

Herbal Medicine

Bespoke Herbal Tonics

Liquid Drop


PowerTube Healing

Australian Flower Essences

Blood Test

Functional Tests

What We Do

Reawaken your Whole Body Health. Resilience & Equilibrium - adapted to YOUR life.  

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Ready When You Are

Mondays: Online (longer hours) OR Home Clinic (school hours)

Tuesdays: Online (longer hours) OR Home Clinic (school hours)

Wednesdays: Online (longer hours) OR Home Clinic (school hours)

Home Clinic (address emailed before appointment if face to face)

Warriewood, NSW 2102

Member of the ATMS #52831


About Me

Hi, I'm Tash, a Mum and fully qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist (BHScNAT). 

I love my job. I support people who are desperate to understand what's happened to their health.

I felt overwhelmed, exhausted and SO anxious when I had my first child as a single parent.  I excessively multi tasked daily...feeling perpetually guilty it was never 'enough'.

My sleep suffered badly, quickly followed by my physical and mental health. 

This is described by some as 'high functioning' anxiety, whereby I appeared to be 'fine' from the outside, but my mood, hormones and gut were under serious pressure. 

I began to imagine horrific catastrophic events happening to those I loved and would find myself crying in the car for 'no logical reason.'

With support and big changes to my diet, lifestyle and supplements, I gradually let go of these delusions of achievement and 'perfection'.


My unfolding passion took form.


To empower and inspire others to feel profound, sustainable health, reconnecting with our Whole Body Health in the modern age. 

Where Will You Find Me?

Apart from private clinic work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays, I also work for Perth Allergy Clinic on Thursdays/Fridays.

In between consults... I have a new passion foraging along the coastline for wild edible greens, ocean swimming all year round AND of course... yoga. :)

WHY feel well?


To experience the best quality relationship possible with ourselves and others.

As a Mum of three children, I GET how hard it can be supporting family needs without compromise to your health and personal fulfillment. It can even feel impossible.

Working with me, your health priorities are at the forefront of each Whole Body Health Plan, realistic to your life and pace of healing.

My Promise To You:

  • To Really Listen

  • Compassion

  • Focus

  • Tailored care

  • No Judgement

  • No Assumptions

  • I won't recommend anything I wouldn't do!

Let me support your return to Whole Body Health. 

X Tash

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